Thank you to all those that have signed up for our clinics! 

Some of our sessions are full for our 5:30 time slot.  We do have a few spots left for some of the sessions.  If you are interested in signing up, please email Coach Monica at

We have spots left for all 6:45 sessions.  To sign up, please email for a form.   



DIAMONDS LACROSSE is committed to developing our players! 

We reinforce TEAM skills and plays during practice AND we continuously remind our players to put in the extra time to get their INDIVIDUAL skills refined and ready to perform at their absolute best!

We are constantly evaluating and providing feedback throughout the year but a formal evaluation is provided at the end of every calendar year but are also given at time during the season.  

We have highly qualified staff to develop our players’ skills outside of scheduled practices so they can play at their very best! We also provide speed and agility instruction.

Numerous current players are receiving extra training and conditioning!! 

One to two sessions per week are recommended.  The cost of training is very reasonable.

To schedule your individual sessions, please contact Monica Yeakel at

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