Diamonds Lacrosse Club is an organization dedicated to the development of young female lacrosse players, not only into successful athletes and teammates, but also confident and prepared young women.

Club Director, Monica Yeakel, founded the program to offer players the opportunity to be coached by a highly experienced staff of woman coaches that have played and coached at the highest level. Diamonds is managed with the philosophy that every player, regardless of age, has yet to reach her full potential. With that in mind, the efforts of the Diamonds staff are always to diligently guide and teach every player by placing an extreme emphasis on stick skills, field sense, attitude, and teamwork. Ultimately, the program will prepare and develop players into highly sought after recruitable prospects that will play at the collegiate level.

As one of the fundamental aspects of preparing high school players, Diamonds offers in-depth and ongoing support related to the recruiting process. As a former Division 1 Head Coach, Hall of Fame Inductee (Baltimore Chapter), Former US Player & All-American,  Yeakel is uniquely qualified to assist and guide all student-athletes and their parents through this exciting process.  Coach Yeakel along with her staff also offers group information sessions, and individual appointments for each player.  The Diamonds staff also has coaches that have coached at the college level and bring a wealth of knowledge to the information sessions and meetings.

Diamonds’ goal is ultimately to create an enthusiastic, yet disciplined, atmosphere for players to learn and absorb the skills and values the program finds necessary to be successful in the sport of lacrosse

DIAMONDS FEES: For Information on our fees, please email monicady29@gmail.com and information will be sent directly to you.  Please indicate what GRADUATION YEAR your daughter is…

for example: 2022